Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Nathan Tenhundfeld

Committee Member

Kristin Weger

Committee Member

Jodi Price


Trust, Automation--Psychological aspects, Automation--Human factors


As automation becomes increasingly prevalent across society, it is crucial to further understand the benefits or consequences of the solutions implemented in automated systems that support user interaction and the overall system design. While previous literature has provided valuable knowledge to the understanding of automation and trust, there is still uncertainty about how individuals perform and respond to automated systems that provide monitoring checks to maintain users’ attention. To address this gap, this study assessed the effects of varied reliability and monitoring checks on individuals interacting with an automated system. This study is among the first to examine the consequences of monitoring checks to further understand the impact on individuals when interacting with an automated system. Our study provides mixed findings that warrant further exploration into the design of automated systems and helps to expand upon existing theories regarding trust and automation in the field.



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