Juan Tarrat

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

Emil Jovanov

Committee Member

David Coe

Committee Member

Dinh Nguyen


Internet of things, Detectors, Embedded Internet devices, Hydration--Measurement


Inertial sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes, are commonly used for capturing and quantifying motion and orientation data. IoT devices use inertial sensors to detect user activity. In this thesis we present the use of inertial sensors for determining user interactions with smart objects of everyday use, that we refer to as Smart Stuff. We present a novel use of inertial sensor to assess the use and state of the smart water bottle configured as IoT appliance. Staying hydrated is crucial for health and wellbeing; precise monitoring of user hydration is very important for the elderly and patients with chronic conditions. We developed a method of monitoring of liquid intake using smart cup equipped with inertial sensors. To do this, we developed a theoretical model, implemented algorithms on embedded controller in the smart cup, and experimentally validated the accuracy of proposed algorithms. The smart cup is integrated in IoT environment and sends data wirelessly to a server that can be integrated into personal medical record to allow users, physicians, nurses, and caregivers to track user’s hydration remotely.



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