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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Nathan L. Tenhundfeld

Committee Member

Kristin Weger

Committee Member

Bryan Mesmer


Trust, Automation--Psychological aspects, Automation--Human factors


This study considered whether contagion effects for trust extend to an interactive task that includes tasks that are visually incongruent and perform dissimilar task functions, and if trust repair strategies operate on a system-wide basis. Participants supervised three automated tasks over three blocks. The animal task decreased in reliability in block 2, and a trust repair strategy was issued prior to block 3. The findings indicated that there was a decrease in trust for the animal task only. The trust repair strategies were also ineffective for restoring trust. This study supported the idea that contagion effects do not extend to immersive tasks with dissimilar task functions; however, dial task coding issues were a major limitation and compromised the findings. Future research should examine whether system-wide trust contagion effects occur when aspects of the task are different. Designers should remain mindful of contagion effects when task functions are similar.



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