John Price

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Chemical and Material Engineering

Committee Chair

Chien-Pin Chen

Committee Member

R. Michael Banish

Committee Member

Narayanan Ramachandran


Navier-Stokes equations., Turbulence., Eddies--Mathematical models.


The objective of this thesis is to study the density fluctuations due to turbulent flow structures generated within a spatially developing boundary layer using a hybrid Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes/Large Eddy Simulation approach. For this study, a flat plat configuration was used. A planar mixing inflow boundary condition was used to add large-scale fluctuations to the flow field. Computations were performed using the Wind-US 3.0 computational fluid dynamics code and the Nichols/Nelson multiscale hybrid RANS/LES approach as implemented in the Wind-US code [7]. The study showed that the normalized density profile normal to the flat plate is sensitive to spanwise grid spacing, computational domain width and zonal layout. Scaled mean velocity profiles showed interaction of the boundary layer with the roller structures generated by the planar mixing inflow boundary. Although, the grid was designed for a RANS boundary layer flow over a flat plate, it was not adequate to capture the planar mixing layer flow and it's interaction with the adjacent flat plate. It is recommended that a composite grid based on the RANS grid and a grid tuned to a planar mixing layer be developed.



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