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Ample research has been done on the use of weighted implements, such as weighted balls, for increasing throwing performance in baseball pitchers. Research on weighted pitching sleeves, however, is far less available. The purpose of this study was to observe the effect of a weighted pitching sleeve on range of motion (ROM), strength, power, and throwing velocity in collegiate-aged baseball players. Six collegiate-aged baseball players were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The first group (n = 3; age 17.67 ± 1.03 yr; height 180.97 ± 5.01 cm; weight 84.03 ± 3.57 kg) consisted of subjects who wore a weighted pitching sleeve throughout a four-week throwing program. The second group (n = 3; age 19.00 ± 0.00 yr; height 177.25 ± 1.54 cm; weight 78.38 ± 5.71 kg) served as the control group and performed the same four-week throwing program without wearing a pitching sleeve. The throwing program consisted of 12 total sessions. Shoulder internal and external ROM, shoulder strength and power, and throwing velocity were tested both before and after the 4-week throwing program. A decrease in shoulder internal rotation ROM was found, while external rotation ROM increased for both groups. Both external rotation strength and power increased in the pitching sleeve group and decreased for the control group at each of the test speeds. No significant differences were observed between the groups for throwing velocity. These results indicate that the pitching sleeve had a positive effect on external rotation ROM, strength, and power



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