Lee Hibbard

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Alanna Frost

Committee Member

Ryan Weber

Committee Member

Chad Thomas


Computer games., Video games., Simulation games in education.


The study of games features in digital media and game design classrooms, but no research exists on a combination of gamification and bringing games as texts into the first-year composition classroom. Using the method of `integrated gamification', I created an innovative multimodal classroom that includes the study of videogame texts alongside literature, film, and television texts, and uses the mechanics of those videogame texts to create a deeper immersion in the course content. In my thesis research, I will demonstrate the impact integrated gamification has on students in the first year composition classroom as recorded from a semester-long case study of a gamified classroom experience. The gamified version of this first year composition course, titled Into the Abyss, takes the course theme of Monsters and ties gamification elements directly to horror genre videogames, bringing the game material into the classroom both through textual analysis and pedagogical game strategy.



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