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Master of Arts (MA)


Public Affairs

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Andree Reeves

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Andrea Word

Committee Member

Shuang Zhao


Educational policy and administration., Higher education--Accreditation., Paternalism.


In Innovations in Accountability and Higher Education Accreditation: A libertarian paternalism policy proposal the need for reform in higher education accreditation is analyzed through the historical evolution of accreditation, education policy, the strengths and weaknesses of higher education policy and the accreditation process. The proposal is designed through a libertarian paternalism framework. The analysis uses a research synthesis to analyze the current state of accreditation and higher education, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the accreditation process, and craft an actionable policy proposal through the stated policy theory. Unlike other policy proposals in accreditation it uses a detailed methodology to create a policy design that is founded in policy theory and actionable implementation.



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