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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dianhan Zheng

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Jodi Price

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Kristin Weger


Leadership., Work and family., Sex role in the work environment.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of gender, family-to-work conflict, and family supportive supervisory behaviors on perceptions of leaders’ competence. A sample of 123 university students completed an online Qualtrics survey. In the survey, participants read a vignette and background information on leaders and answered a series of questions. Results indicated that gender did not have a significant effect on perceived competence. However, the amount of family-to-work conflict and family supportive supervisory behaviors did relate to perceptions of competence. This study demonstrates that for leaders to maintain subordinates’ belief in their competence as a leader they should withhold sharing with them the difficulties they have with balancing family and work roles. Also, it may be to leaders’ advantage to engage in family supportive behaviors to show subordinates they want to provide them with workplace resources needed to be successful in work and family life.



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