Joseph Agnew

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Committee Chair

Robert A. Frederick

Committee Member

David M. Lineberry

Committee Member

Jason T. Cassibry


Rockets (Aeronautics)--Ramjet engines, Altitudes--Simulation methods


A modular high altitude simulation apparatus is designed and incorporated into the UAH connected-pipe flow facility for solid fuel ramjet studies. A literature review is conducted on solid fuel ramjets, high altitude simulation approaches, and parameters of gas ejectors. Next, a system-wide design process is detailed with validating calculations as well as high-level CFD simulations. Finally, a compilation of relevant test data is provided along with relevant analysis. The eductor system achieved 11 psia at 0.054 lbm/s of heated air flow rate, well short of the desired 8 psia at 0.062 lbm/s flow rate. Ejector efficiency was between 43 and 55 percent of anticipated values. This was likely caused by inefficiencies from viscous and shear interactions of gas entrainment which occurred at high temperature air flow conditions. Recommendations for future work are to remove losses from the system and upgrade ejector flow capacity to account for air temperature-related effects.



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